(002) 02 2503 4050
villa 54, road 57, 5th district, New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt

Go Green is the authorized B2B partner and distributor of Samsung in the gulf. Our Vision is to be the region largest B2B distributor in the IT industry. Our Mission is to reach our vision within the next three years by adding value to the corporates and public sector through linking technological innovation with business applications. Go Green is committed to add value to all stakeholders, environment and to the countries we operate in.

Go Green is owned by Seaharvest Holding Company, Seaharvest is a group of 24 companies existing in 12 countries. Seaharvest operates and invests in eight main sectors: Oil & Gas, IT, Real Estate, Media & Advertising, Health-Care, Sports, Tourism & Transportation.

Given the wide range of products from Samsung, Go Green provides a different platform of tailored technological solutions for serving various sectors. Go Green mainly aims to increase exposure, explore new markets, businesses and build a base to integrate within all industries. This can be achieved through a certain process, structure and flow & division of work.

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